Troika – Cloud, Kinetic Sculpture 2008

‘Troika was commissioned by Artwise Curators to create a signature piece for the entrance of the new British Airways luxury lounges in Heathrow Terminal 5.

Hulk Sculpture

This is my first finished sculpture and it stands 40 cm tall. It was sculpted using super sculpey and finished in acrylic paint.

$167,000 Interactive `Light Sculpture`

Interactive Light Sculpture At Design Miami (info Below) Random International was commissioned by the Philips Lumiblade team to create …

Singing Sculpture

The ABC’s Adrian Raschella talks to ‘The Singing Sculpture’ artists Gilbert and George, who are in Sydney for the first time in nearly 40 years.

One Minute Sculpture

Time project number two featuring Andie and Loren. By Andie Chang.

Boatright Indian Chief Chainsaw Sculpture

Renowned Chainsaw Sculptor Art Boatright, of Marion, Illinois, carved an Indian Chief out of an elm tree in Du Quoin, Illinois in August, 2009.

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