Bali Wood Carving – 2013

JCH WOOD CARVINGS WORK’S_Jay Chandraa R, Cell:+91 93805 14929, Cell:+91 96772 91760, Chennai & Bangalore.

Wood carving is a highly developed form of craftsmanship and artistry in Bali. The Mas Village near Ubud is famous for its wood carvings and sculptures.

Mora 120 et 164 wood carving knife (Fr)

Watch as we carve beautiful hand crafted religious artifacts from olive wood. See the face of Jesus formed before your eyes, carved by one of our Christian artisans in the Holy land from a…


This is my latest Sculpture called `Circle of Inspiration` This is a 24` Wall mounted Sculpture which will keep you mesmerized just when you think the Sculpture is winding down it starts turning…

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