Marlins’ Home Run Sculpture To Be Moved

The Miami Marlins won county permission Tuesday to move the kitschy, widely disliked Red Grooms sculpture out of Marlins Park to the plaza outside the …

Metal Art Sculpture Part 1 – The Commander

Tools and materials used in this build: Scrap metal Welder Bench grinder Metal polish Metal protectant Miscellaneous shop tools Check out other projects we’ve …

How Make a Pterosaur Sculpture

It’s time for some Jurassic art! Learn how to make your own Pterosaur sculpture in our step-by-step tutorial. We’ll also be posting a video on how to paint your …

Kinetic LEGO Sculpture MOC: Feel The Beat

Script: Hello Pandas, Pandis Pandus here, and from this unfinished sculpture at my own exhibition at The Art of the Brick event, I created this kinetic sculpture.

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