Chainsaw carving a chair

Kevin Nunn using a chainsaw to carve a chair from a log. Chainsaw carving a chair  

How to carve an owl using a chainsaw

I filmed this at the Bowes Agricultural Show in Co Durham in September 2015. A guy whips out his massive chainsaw and in minutes he uses it to carve an owl …

Last Bear Chainsaw Carving by Joe Bolf

Last Chainsaw Carved Bear by Joe Bolf, with sound track by Joe Bolf Band. Non Mainstream, Christian Rock written and recorded by Joe Bolf.

Chainsaw Carving – Bear on All Four Paws

Professional Chainsaw Carver Robert Tidwell speed carves a small bear on all four paws in just 6 minutes. See more of Robert’s work (and videos) at his …   Chainsaw Carving – Bear on All Four Paws

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