www.woodthatworks.com Aperture is a limited edition kinetic sculpture I created in 1993. It uses two drive mechanisms that work together to power three eccentric forms in a random dance.


ART:CY TWOMBLY SCULPTURE MUSIC:Vain Foam & Gigi Masin `Call Suite` Vain Foam `Is it Full Moon` & `The Skydive`

Did you miss Part One about Baroque Painting? Here’s a link: https://youtu.be/_tmha5Iw3b4 This is the second part of my lecture on Baroque art, which focuses on Baroque sculpture and architecture…

Woodsydoc: driftwood sculpture tutorial

Roger’s amazing Kinetic Sculptures and Contraptions. This is how a machinist and programmer spends his free time. All of my original weird gear mechanisms are designed and created by me from…

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